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Ryan Goodnight: Discography

Reanimation - CD

Mr Goodnight's first album release in 5 years. This is the 2012 Release of the music for the end of the world. 14 tracks that take you on a journey through progressive house, dubstep and EDM. 

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Ryan Goodnight: Reanimation

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Amalgamation - CD

Ryan Goodnight: Amalgamation
The third album by Ryan Goodnight (September 2007) details an intense relationship, building from scratch, stumbling through pain, and blooming into love. music store
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Carbon - CD

Ryan Goodnight: Carbon
This is the second album (April 2006) by Ryan Goodnight. This vocal lead electronic album features the vocals of Ryan Goodnight, Natalie Carrera, Laura Hakun in over one hour of electronic music. music store
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Electronic Inside - CD

Ryan Goodnight: electronic inside
Released in September of 2005, this is Ryan's first album. It features 14 tracks of progressive, groove driven, electronic music. music store
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